Subaru Legacy

The new Subaru’s Legacy boasts better cabin quality and performance. The latest model is one of the best cars on the road today, although few buyers know this.

In saloon form the Legacy makes a decent executive car with lots of driver appeal. The Outback variant offers considerable off-road appeal, but the Sports Wagon estate model is where the real treasure lies.

The Legacy’s offers an impressive standard of interior fit and finish. Subaru LegacyThis model could easily be the company’s best built car ever. The firm’s attention to detail is obvious with small details such as the colour matching of different materials or the tactile nature of most surfaces. The car’s exterior has been enhanced as well and boasts several improvements.

Drivers get Subaru’s all-wheel-drive system, that is complimented by the 3.0R variant. The car comes complete with rally car-style gear change paddles for its auto gearbox and a dial that allows the driver to alter the engine’s performance.

The Sports Tourer boasts a large boot and great handling. The Sports Tourer is fun to drive and is truly unique from other large load luggers.


The Subaru Legacy is not going to be a cheap car to buy or run. In addition to the high asking price, the fuel economy isn’t the greatest and serviceing charges are high. Off-setting these costs are great reliability and high resale value.

The Legacy has a very spacious cabin and will easily accommodate a full load of passengers and a day’s shopping in the boot. Font passengers will enjoy plenty of head and legroom. Rear occupants will have enough room but not quite as much as the front passengers do.

All the gauges and instrumentation are logically placed within the driver’s line of sight. The fasica is pleasantly unclutted with intuitive controls. This is counter by the lack of quality in the plastics used.

The seats are wide and supportive. The rear seats will accommodate two large passengers and three children. Road and wind noise are virtually nonexistant. The Legacy also delivers a smooth ride.

Getting into the car isn’t difficult. The large door apertures provide unrestricted access into both the front and rear. The boot’s hatch opens wide, giving way to a low load lip and a wide loading bay.

Parking the Legacy is easy, as long as you are moving forward. When reverse parking, you might have a harder time, but it shouldn’t be an impossible task. Helping with this is light steering and good visibility.

Life Style

Subaru’s have really good driver appeal. The car’s all-wheel-drive grip and unusual engine configurations, are very appealing. The engine is very encouraging when worked hard. With the Legacy you lose a little refinement on coarse road surfaces, otherwise it delivers aride that is right up there with the competition.

The legacy offers loads of space, and the Sports Tourer feels rugged enough to deal with the rigors of family life. A good safety kit is offered as standard, and the car offers four-wheel drive. Subaru LogoThe car’s large boot should be able to hold just about anything. The leather upholstery may take some abuse at the hands of unruly children.

The Legacy would not make an ideal first car. It’s expensive to run and insure. It’s a very easy car to drive though, which will be enticing to a novice driver.

The Legacy offers a high standard of quality. The quality on offer is much better than previous generations, but the Legacy’s image remains low when matched up against the German firms. This car can hold its own with even the most prestigious names, but is not likely to be given that chance.

Safety and Security

The car comes equipped with deadlocks, keyless entry and shielded door locks. The car also includes a Thatcham Category 1 alarm package. A tracking device may be a worthwhile investment given the desirable nature of the car.

The Legacy comes with driver and passenger dual-stage airbags, side airbags, Isofix rear child mounts and a cargo security cover. ABS with EBD is also included.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes an attractive radio and CD player. Some controls are slightly fiddly, but steering wheel mounted controls make things a lot easier. The sound quality is adequate and optional upgrades are available. Satellite navigation is an option.

Dark colours are flattering to the Legacy’s exterior design, and make the car look more expensive. Inside, the car’s cabin boasts high levels of quality, for an impressive look and feel.


The Legacy’s lack of a diesel option will turn some buyersw off. The car really has more to offer than the majority of buyers will ever know. It’s probably one of the most underrated cars in the marketplace and worthy of comparison with premium petrol estates from the likes of Audi, Volvo and Honda.

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