British born Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman built racecars and sold used cars while attending college. After college he took on a stint in the RAF but continued to build cars. Applying his knowledge of aeronautic engineering, Chapman’s vehicles consistently won race after race gaining a reputation as the fastest formula racers around. After producing numerous models, Lotus Engineering Company began in 1952 followed by Lotus Cars Ltd. in 1955. Lotus Cars Ltd. was based on four principles. They were performance through lightweight, fun to drive, great handling, and innovation. Lotus is credited with developing numerous innovations through the years that were used in the production of their own, as well as other manufacturers’, autos. Among Lotus firsts are composite monocoque road car, aluminum monocoque, use of a fully stressed engine, ground effects, and extruded and bonded aluminum chassis. Today, more than ten percent of all cars sold in Europe have engines that were developed by Lotus. Due to the success of Lotus’s performance, it has been said by many that Chapman has influenced the modern automobile more than any other person.

Lotus Logo

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