Jeep Compass Car Review

The Jeep Compass is a spacious, comfortable, well equipped motor that offers the rugged good looks associated with the American icon.


The Jeep Compass will surprise those familiar with the American company’s vehicles by offering good fuel figures that average more than 40mpg with the diesel. This, combined with both relatively low carbon dioxide emissions and insurance rating, mean the Compass shouldn’t break the bank.

Visibility is excellent thanks to the lofty driving position so parking and manoeuvring around town is surprisingly easy for a car of these dimensions.

A decent driving position is relatively easy to obtain as the seat is fully adjustable although the steering column doesn’t adjust for reach.

The Compass is a practical option for a family as it offers plenty of space for all occupants plus their luggage.

Head and legroom are top drawer and the Compass has a boot with cave-like dimensions that includes a floor that can be removed for cleaning. The rear and front seats fold flat when extra space is needed for more awkward sized loads.

The materials used in the cabin should withstand the attentions of the kids although that’s not to say they are of very good quality.

The Compass should be a reliable vehicle as Jeep has a decent record in this respect.

Jeep Compass

Life Style

The Jeep Compass will appeal to parents who like their SUVs to look rugged with plenty of room in the cabin.

The Compass is Jeep’s first front-wheel-drive vehicle with the rear wheels only employed when extra traction or stability is wanted.

The handling is tidy rather than exceptional with good steering and control of body movement.

However, the ride can be a touch jittery despite the all-round independent suspension which is another Jeep first

The Jeep Compass is a refined beast – no mean trick when you consider the large frontal area and big mirrors.

Wind noise kept to a minimum while the engines remain pretty quiet unless revved really hard.

The Compass is a relatively cheap car to buy in the States, so Jeep haven’t gone overboard on the interior materials with plastics feeling brittle and looking shiny.

The Compass looks a bit like a chiselled Cherokee with Jeep attempting a blend of modern and retro to tempt buyers looking for something different from the norm. By and large they succeed and image is a major selling point for the Compass

As far as the environment goes the Compass defies conventional wisdom about Jeep as carbon dioxide emissions are not at all bad.

The sad fact is though that most people will just assume it’s a gas guzzling destroyer of rain forests without checking the figures.

Security and Safety

Jeep fit the Compass with keyless entry and an alarm to deter anyone thinking of trying to steal it.

As far as safety goes Jeep include almost every safety device known to the motoring world on the Compass. There’s anti-rollover protection, stability control and six airbags plus a part-time four-wheel drive system that enhances stability and traction when required.

The Finishing Touches

As is normal with Jeep, the Compass is fitted with lots of equipment as standard that is only available as options on many SUV rivals.

There’s only one trim level which includes kit such as leather upholstery, air-conditioning, 18-inch alloy wheels and a rechargeable torch in the boot. The stereo provides an excellent soundtrack when you are driving and is easy to use.


The Compass is Jeep’s first attempt at a soft-roader. It is a late entrant to a market full of talented vehicles so needs more than just the famous badge to attract buyers.

The Compass is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel, sourced from Volkswagen, or a 2.4-litre petrol connected to a manual or continuously variable automatic transmission.

The diesel is likely to be the most popular engine as it benefits from a turbo giving the oil burner a perky performance and decent fuel economy.

The exterior is as eye-catching as ever while the interior is a pleasant place to spend time.

The Compass offers a decent drive on the road with handling that equates with what is normally expected from a large SUV.

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