Volvo C70 Car Review

The second generation of Volvo C70 is designed to combine the efforts of the company’s coupe and convertible models. Replacing these two models with a single car that combines the benefits of both cars is a very smart move on Volvo’s part. The car is luring buyers away from traditional premium convertibles, compact coupes and even some junior executive models.


Volvo C70

Volvo provides high safety levels and good mechanical reliability. The company’s generous safety package will be a plus with buyers, especially because convertibles aren’t quite as safe as non-convertible cars to begin with, and generous amounts of safety will win over a few buyers.

The Volvo C70 can be a fun and exciting car to drive. The car is well engineered, looks really smart. The car is full of positive attributes, but is not a fast or racy car. The car is attractively styled but not beautiful.

The cabin provides excellent passenger space, even for rear seat passengers. The car provides a high standard of fit and finish. Materials are of a high quality and feel durable.



The C70 is a bit on the expensive side, but fuel economy can be maximized if you should opt for the diesel engine. Servicing charges will be low but may become problematic if the roof malfunctions, which it has been known to do. Resale values should be high.


The cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all of the occupants, and though it is capable of carrying four adults, with the roof down the boot is hardly big enough for the luggage needs of half that. The boot is of generous proportions with the roof up however.


The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed making searching for them unnecessary. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are functional as well as practical. The switch-gear is of high quality with a weighty durable feel.

Passengers will be comfortable both up front and in the rear. With plenty of head and legroom, only tall rear passengers will complain. The front seats are fully adjustable, with the exception of height adjustment. The rear of the cabin tends to get dark with the hood up, though this hardly hinders comfort.

Accessing the cabin is easy. Though the doors are heavy, getting into and out of the cabin is an easy task. Rear passengers will have a bit of a challenge due to limited room in the footwell between the body of the car and the front seats.

Parking the C70 is easy, though parking sensors are an option as the rear is a bit hard to judge with the top up. Light, precise steering and good visibility make the C70 easy to park.

Life Style


The first generation C70 lacked driving appeal. Though the car had excellent style, it fell short among its competitors on drivability. The new C70 has addressed many of those past issues, and now shares quite a few of the powertrain elements with the Ford Focus. The T5 variant can be fairly fast, but the car was designed more for cruising than for speed. Despite the considerable power on hand, the car is still not that exciting.

This is not a family car. The car’s interior is not designed to be child friendly, and the car’s boot is much too small to accommodate a family. The car is more for adults who do not have children yet.

This is not a good first car either. It will be expensive to purchase, and the engines are not that economical, so fuel costs will probably be high as well. There are better first cars available, even with the Volvo brand.

The car’s cabin is easy enough to access, but the doors are quite heavy. The top can only be put up or down while the car is stopped, with the driver’s foot on the brake and their finger on a button for thirty seconds. This could quickly become annoying.

Volvo C70 #2

Security and Safety


The car’s standard security features include a steel top that is much more secure than a fabric top, an alarm system and deadlocks. One useful feature is the ability to link storage areas such as the glove box to the central locking system, this will provide additional security while the top is down.

Volvo is a leader when it comes to safety equipment, and the C70 is no different from the company’s other cars. Safety features include SIPS, WHIPS, countless airbags and standard traction control.

The Finishing Touches


Volvo automotive has developed a new interest in providing top-notch sound systems. There are three sound systems available, Performance, High Performance and Premium. The entry-level unit has six speakers, the range topper 14. All three units provide excellent sound quality and hi-tech features.



For a covertible, the C70 seems to lack a little charm and character. Rival brands seem to have a little more personality than the C70. The car does seem somewhat more practical than many rival brands, and that will appeal to many clear headed buyers.

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