Vauxhall Meriva Car Review

Vauxhall’s Meriva is a people carrier with a tall yet short stance. The exterior design hides a spacious cabin and load space. It may be out-styled somewhat by rival brands but it has a lot to offer.


Vauxhall Meriva

Renault’s Modus is might be more desirable and Citroen’s Xsara Picasso is larger, but the Meriva compact people carrier provides seating for five and manages to maintain quite a bit of style with its hatchback form.

Along with the company’s popular Zafira people carrier, Vauxhall’s Meriva is a popular vehicle throughout Europe. The Meriva is favored for many reasons, such as competitive pricing, a versatile interior and good road manners. All of these are great selling points for the Meriva.

For growing families who need something between a conventional hatchback and a conventional people carrier, the Meriva is an excellent alternative. The car’s space is cleverly hidden by the car’s attractive exterior design, but on the inside cabin space rivals that of regular cars. makes a lot of sense. The car now boasts a performance VXR variant which will also be a good selling point.

Vauxhall has designed the Meriva to deliver a good spirited ride. The car is no hot hatch, but it can deliver a brisk, fun ride.


The Meriva will be inexpensive to buy and run. Low insurance, good fuel economy with both the petrol and diesel engines, and low service charges off set the slightly higher asking price. The diesel engine will improve fuel economy but only slightly.

The Meriva’s cabin is spacious and will provide sufficient space to all occupants, though the front passengers will enjoy the most legroom. The boot is large and will accommodate the needs of a family.

The gauges are clear and concise. The quality seems to reflect what the price suggests. The buttons and knobs aren’t of the highest quality either. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are both functional and practical, but the sat-nav system does require that you take your eyes off the road to operate.

The cabin is quite with the exception of wind noise at motorway speeds. The rear seat passengers all have enough room to be comfortable but the front seat occupants will be the most comfortable enjoying the most legroom. The seats are firm but not overly so.

Accessing the front seat is easy, though you have to slide in and reach a bit for the seat bottom. Rear seat occupants will have no problem getting into the seat, although the door aperture is notably smaller. The rear hatch is easy to open but is a bit harder to shut, and loading heavy items will require some lifting as the lip is slightly high.

Parking the Meriva is easy as visibility is good all around. Reverse parking can be difficult as the car is wide and long. To aid with this are wide side mirrors, and optional rear sensors.

Vauxhall Meriva2

Life Style

The Meriva is a safe car that handles well. The car may not provide a rewarding driving experience for a keen driver. The middle order petrol provide a good balance between refinement and pace. The VXR model, offers higher levels of refinement and performance. The car offers speed but the heavily assisted steering doesn’t provide a lot of confidence at speed.

The Meriva would make a decent family car. The Meriva could easily accommodate a small family with plenty of leg and headroom for all. The car performs well and offers a good llevel of safety. The boot is large and the rear seats fold flat to provide more room for cargo. The car’s interior should be durable enough to withstand the abuse that children dish out.

The Meriva would make an excellent first car. The Meriva costs about average for a car in its class, the car is easy to drive and park, boasts a good driving position and without the VXR variant the car isn’t too powerful for novice drivers.

In recent years the Vauxhall brand has made some improvements in terms of quality and image. The company is more versatile and offers a wider variety of quality vehicles. The company is quickly becoming a more trusted brand.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped with all the basics to keep it safe and secure. Remote central locking is also included. Buyers may want to purchase a visible deterrent as well.

The car’s safety features include front airbags, and  rear Isofix mounting points. There are several cost options available and a safety bundle can be purchased.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a decent system that produces good sound quality. There are several upgrades available, including Bluetooth hands free telephone operation, roof-mounted DVD player and screen for rear passengers and an audio system with headphones.

The Meriva looks best in solid colours, but brighter metallic shades give the Meriva more of an upmarket feel. The cabin’s interior is comprised of mostly dark plastics. The fabrics seem durable and hardwearing.


Vauxhall’s Meriva is an easy and competent car to drive. The car’s spacious cabin adds to the car’s practicality. This is the perfect car for a small family with young children.

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