Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Car Review

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is based on a pick-up truck and was previously named Challenger. The Shogun Sport excels off the road and in more challenging driving situations. On the road the Shogun Sport feels a little out of its element. This will hurt the Shogun Sport when it comes to facing the competition. There are several rivals who offer equally capable off-roaders and more competent on-roaders.

The Shogun Sport offers plenty of space to deal with families and related items. Passenger and cargo space are excellent. The car’s interior is simple and has a somewhat dated feel. The comfort provides little comfort. The Shogun Sport is not a luxury vehicle by any means.

The 2.5 diesel engine is the best choice available. The car wasn’t designed for performance but is good for hauling large loads and pulling things. The engine seems to struggle at times while dealing with heavier loads.

The Sport is also difficult to navigate around town. While steering is fine off the road it is less desirable on the tarmac. The car’s boot is also not as large and functional as one might expect from such a large vehicle. The rear seats do not fold completely flat and the vehicle provides a high load lip.


The Shogun Sport is not the least expensive vehicle in its class, running costs are high, fuel economy is high and the Shogun Sport will not hold high resale value. Servicing costs are likely to be high as well.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

The Shogun is a large vehicle that provides a lot of cabin space. The cabin is poorly arranged and much of the space is in illogical places. Legroom is not great and elbowroom is even worse.

The car’s controls are simple and for the most part logically placed. The cabin and control panel have a somewhat outdated look, although everything works and seems sturdy.

The cabin does not deliver very good levels of comfort. The seats tend to be hard and non-supportive, and passenger space could have been better. Legroom and elbowroom is poor and will be uncomfortable on longer journeys. The car also delivers a rough ride on the tarmac.

The Shogun provides decent accessibility. Front passengers fair really well with large doors that open widely and provide a large door aperture for easy access. Middle row passengers also fair well with easy accessibility, but rear passengers should be children. The rear seats can be more difficult to access and once in the space is more limited.

Parking the Shogun Sport can be difficult due to the car’s seating position and limited visibility. Handling is also an issue and can pose difficulties when parking.

Life Style


The Shogun Sport performs well off-road. It handles most difficult terrain without any trouble, but it doesn’t perform as well on the road. The car can haul larger loads but the engine may struggle when loaded down, and the car’s handling isn’t the greatest either.

This is an excellent family vehicle. The Sport provides enough seating to accommodate the entire family and their cargo. The seats fold to improve cargo carrying capabilities. The seats are not the most comfortable and may not be well suited for longer trips.

This is not a first car. It is too big and too expensive to purchase, running costs and fuel expenses are too costly, and the vehicle provides poor handling and limited visibility as well. There are definitely better first cars available for the money.

The Shogun Sport is viewed by many as a very competent off-roader, yet a less refined on-roader. This will discourage many buyers who can afford to buy rival brands. Many other brands are just as capable off and on the tarmac.

Security and Safety


The car’s standard security features include central locking and an engine immoboliser.

The car’s safety features include ABS with EBD and twin front airbags. The car’s large size will also assist in keeping passengers safe in the event of a collision.

The Finishing Touches


The car’s standard audio unit includes a decent stereo system that produces good sound quality. The unit is easy to hear even when the vehicle is being pushed hard and engine noise is more obvious.

The car also comes with power steering, electric power mirrors and a sunroof. The car’s exterior design looks very attractive in black. Black gives the car a more regal look and is very flattering on the Shogun Sport.



The Shogun Sport comes fairly well equipped with a very reasonable price tag. Buyers who live in the country will appreciate the car’s 4×4 capabilities and the dependability that the Sport provides, while city dwellers may desire a more refined on-road experience.

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