Land Rover Discovery Car Review

Bigger, better and packed with modern technology, the Land Rover’s Discovery is the company’s new pride and joy. The car’s enhanced exterior style is striking and attractive yet the car is not all looks. Off the road the Discovery delivers an impressive performance, yet handles equally as well on the road giving owners a very versatile vehicle.

Land Rover has faced stiff competition in the SUV market through the years and it is not surprising that the company has addressed issues that past Discovery models have faced. Older models handled well off road but delivered less impressive on-road performances. The latest model will not disappoint drivers on or off the road. It is a well-rounded SUV with a lot of potential.

The company’s new claims to having produced the ultimate on road and off road vehicle are substantiated by many very satisfied drivers. It seems that past woes have been for the most part left behind. The new Discovery is a functional, capable, and stylish vehicle that can be used to fill a variety of needs.

Land Rover has geared the exterior design to focus on younger buyers. The very modern style is attractive while the interior boasts quite an abundance of technology. The Discovery has the capabilities to hang with the roughest and toughest off-roaders while providing and comfort right up there with the more posh on road vehicles.

The Discovery provides a flexible seating system that will suit many needs.  Land Rover’s third generation 4×4 is designed to for versatility and practicality and will appeal to a much broader audience. It may take buyers a while to realize that past issues have truly been resolved.

Land Rover Discovery


The Discovery is inexpensive to buy, but maintenance costs will be rather costly. Insurance rates, fuel economy, and regular servicing will be high. For the off-roaders, the V8 option is available. Even the diesel engine has poor fuel economy, but will prove to be the better choice.

The Land Rover Discovery is spacious and the base model, seating five, is as comfortable as the upgraded seven-seater. Although once seated, occupants are comfortable with plenty of room, accessing the rear most seats may require some maneuvering.

The controls are easy to use when stopped, but when driving the clutter of controls on the fascia becomes very difficult to operate. Making things easier are the duplicate buttons located on the steering wheel.  The main gauges are easy to read, but the LCD displays can be confusing.

The air suspension on the Discovery offers a smooth ride for passengers. Engine noise is low but wind noise becomes apparent when traveling at motorway speeds.

Being such a large vehicle, even for a 4X4, passengers will welcome the adjustable suspension which makes access to the cabin much easier. Once in, the seats are well arranged, but even so, the third row will be a bit tricky to access. The rear hatch opens wide enough to provide adequate access.

Parking this massive car can be slightly difficult, but with the addition of parking sensors and the luxury of light steering the Discovery is much easier to park. Visibility is excellent and seeing the boundaries of the car is easy due to the high seating.

Life Style

The Discovery can go through mud and rough terrain better than most of its competitors. It’s a highly effective off-roading 4X4. The car also delivers a more than adequate on-road driving experience. The car excells off the road but it should be far from disappointing while cruising through town.

The new Discovery could make a really decent family vehicle. With its spacious cabin and seven passenger seating capabilities the Discovery offers a lot in the way of family comfort and transportation. The car also offers family entertainment systems available on the options list.

This is not the vehicle for a newly licensed driver. The car is an expensive purchaes with high running costs. A novice driver may find it difficult to handle the Discovery and all the power and capabilities that the car has to offer. There are much more suitable first cars.

Land Rover has always been viewed as a producer of credible 4X4’s. The problem in the past has\been the company’s ability to produce a vehicle that performs as well on the road as off. The new generation of Discovery has accomplished just that. The car is an excellent off-roader with good on-road driving and handling. The car also offers a more premium quality of cabin materials.

Security and Safety

The Land Rover’s Discovery is a likely target of theft, although the standard security package is good, an upgrade such as a tracking device may be a wise choice.

The Discovery comes with not only the safety of a four-wheel drive car, but also the common electronic stability and traction aids, for a quick response even when driving off road. The car also has the potential for a total of eight airbags.

The Finishing Touches

The Discovery comes standard with a CD audio system, and many available permutations depending on trim and option list. These options include an in-dash CD changer, home cinema style system, touch screen sat-nav and a phone function. The basic controls are duplicated on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the fascia mounted controls are harder to control while driving.

Trim options on the Discovery are a disappointment considering the cost of the car. They have replaced the woods in the cabin for more practical, high quality plastics. The effect is not bad but not what you would expect for a car costing so much. The interior of the car will not be a complete let down however, with leather upholsteries available for the seats. As for exterior looks light colors are always best, darker shades are always an option but do not compliment the exterior as well.


Land Rover has addressed some very critical issues and concerns that were so prevalent in the older models. The new Discovery offers drivers much more in the way of a practical and rewarding on and off-road driving experience. The addition of modern technological features makes the car more comfortable and safer to take off-road.

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